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Getting Started

  1. Use the approved contract. Please refer to the state documents tab for accurate contract information and version
  2. Federal Truth-in Lending Must Be Correct:
    • Make sure the APR is disclosed correctly and contain only two places after the decimal
    • Ensure there are no blank descriptive or monetary lines
    • Alignment is important so review to make sure everything is in the right box on the right line.
    • We only offer a monthly payment schedule.

Payment schedules should say “Monthly beginning on” with the date included. If you do not split the payment schedule, all other lines including ‘Amount of Final Payment’ and ‘Due Date of Final Payment’ must be marked N/A. If the payment is not split, there should not be a date in the Final Payment line.

The Fed Box can only be handwritten if the whole contract is handwritten. Absolutely no strike-outs, highlights, or additional verbiage (exception: If using a contract with a "free form" payment schedule, "When payments are due" must include interval of monthly along with start date) are allowed in the Fed Box."

When financing an approved front-end product or paying a fee on behalf of the customer, it is very important to highlight in the appropriate area who it is paid to and for what. For example, “paid to State of Michigan” for “title fees” or “paid to” ACME company for “gap”.

  1. Itemization of Amount Financed Section of Contract:
    • Make sure all of the amounts are on the line they are supposed to be disclosed on!
Contracts that are offline causing blank monetary lines will require a contract package to be returned to the dealer for re-contracting. Please check for proper alignment to avoid this.
  1. Seller Signs section of the Contract:
    • The Seller Signs or Seller line should disclose the legal dealership name.
    • The dealership name should match the Seller/Creditor name on the top of the Contract.
    • If there is a line for the date, it must be completed and the date should match the date that the buyer signed the Contract.
    • The ‘By’ line should always have an authorized agent’s signature.
    • If there is a line for the title, it has to be completed with the title of the person signing on behalf of the dealership
  2. Provide all required signatures
  3. Ensure there is no missing Stipulation information
  4. Be sure to include all required forms such as Decision Cover Sheet and Title Application. The decision cover sheet should be the top page of the package to ensure faster processing
    • Be certain of the following:
      • Correct name listed on the title application
      • Credit application is approved for use by TDAF
      • If a notice to cosigner is required, an approved and properly completed notice is included
      • Invoice or relevant book-out sheet is included
    • Use the correct trailing mail cover sheet if submitting Stips separately.
      • A prefilled version is available at
      • The decision detail from Dealer Track / RouteOne can be used as well.
      • A generic copy is available in the documents tab but is not deal specific, so please be cautions to include the proper application number.
  5. Back-end Products
    • When selling backend products make sure to disclose them in the correct locations on the contract based on what you are selling to the customer.
  6. Make sure to not exceed any maximum document fees or other charges regulated by the state

If you have any questions or need assistance, our Contract Resolution team is committed to answering the phone live and in person - no voice mail! Call 1-800-200-1513.